Issaquah Document Paper Shredding

Here at The Stor-House, we provide Issaquah document shredding services that will responsibly destroy most types of media containing sensitive information. We work with a long list of personal and corporate clients to make sure this important need is met in an efficient and affordable manner.

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In a day and age where identity theft is unfortunately quite common, it’s very important for both people and businesses to protect their sensitive information. This means, if they are ever throwing anything away that contains sensitive information, it must be properly destroyed.

That’s where our Issaquah paper shredding service comes in handy. The Stor-House can destroy everything from paper documents to hard drives, storage devices, CDs, VHS tapes, x-ray film and more.

With our document shredding in Issaquah WA, you can have peace of mind that you are:

  • Protecting sensitive information. When you drop your documents and other media off, they are secured in an industrial tote and then destroyed by our team of technicians. A Certificate of Destruction can be made available to you.

  • Compliance with applicable laws or regulations. Some businesses that belong to industries where information security is carefully monitored and closely enforced need to follow privacy laws to protect sensitive information. We’re one of the leading Issaquah shredding companies for commercial clients!

  • Avoiding piles of documents and junk at your home or office. When you can’t throw them away, these things can pile up, which increases the likelihood of them being unintentionally exposed to others. Keep up on this important work with our paper shredding in Issaquah WA.

The Stor-House boasts an experienced, friendly staff that will make sure the job is done right every single time!

Trust The Stor-House with your Issaquah document shredding

If you’re shopping for reliable shredding companies in Issaquah WA that provide affordable pricing and get the job done efficiently, then connect with our team right now.

Bring your documents and other media in to us and we’ll take it from there. Let our Issaquah document shredding services protect your sensitive information!

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