Puyallup Car Vehicle Storage

If you are looking for Puyallup car storage that you can trust with your vehicle, then you have come to the right place. The Stor-House Self Storage provides our long list of private and corporate clients with an abundance of storage solutions. In fact, we provide more than 20 different storage sizes alone!

We can help you store anything, which includes providing you with vehicle storage in Puyallup WA. By storing your automobile with us you are able to provide it with protection from:

  • Physical damage: If you store a car or other vehicle at your home, it might get in the way. It’s also susceptible to all sorts of physical damage, from a small door ding to having someone back into it. At our Puyallup automobile storage facility, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is out of harm’s way.

  • The elements: Our covered car storage in Puyallup also protects your vehicle from the punishing elements that come within our region — from pounding rain and beating sunshine to hail, snow and more. The natural elements can really take their toll on your vehicle, but we provide it with ample protection.

  • Unwanted visitors: Leaving a vehicle parked near your home or business is an invitation for thieves or other unwanted visitors. At our Puyallup vehicle storage facility, Stor-House provides the benefits of a robust smart security system for your added peace of mind.

At our automobile storage facility in Puyallup WA, we provide flat, wide aisles for large trucks and trailers, which makes storing your car, truck or SUV a breeze. In fact, you can consult with our team if you need any guidance along the way.

More than just Puyallup car storage

At The Stor-House, vehicle storage in Puyallup WA is just one of the many services we provide. We offer private, commercial and specialty storage solutions. In a nutshell: If you need something stored, we can meet your needs!

Talk to our team right now about what you’re looking for. At The Stor-House, we’d love to handle your Puyallup car storage needs.

Contact us at (253) 538-8200 today! Or, submit the form below and one of our Experts will be in touch.